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...for a free consultation with Marianne Manley.  Marianne is the author of several books about home birth, listed below, and she has been serving the Body of Christ in San Diego since 1993.  Marianne is licensed in California as a Registered Nurse and Nurse Midwife; Her practice is her ministry.  Marianne provides a loving, comprehensive, Christ-centered natural childbirth experience in your own home.   Complete maternity care:  prenatal care, lab work, pap, ultrasound, pain management, diet and exercise, breastfeeding, teaching baby bath and massage techniques.  Global care includes a dress rehearsal for the birth, undivided attention and expert support during labor and birth, home birth, post delivery care of mom and baby, follow-up home visit and a 6-week post natal appointment.   Newborn exam, breastfeeding, and baby care instruction is also included.   Marianne empowers you to have a natural delivery, in God’s time, the way God has equipped you, in the comfort of your own home. Water birth and VBAC are available.   Safe and affordable.

Marianne’s books about home birth:

book of birth stories
Birth Stories and Midwife Notes: In God We TrustIn this book Marianne describes how she became a midwife and a Christian.  Then Marianne shares many real birth stories she collected during the early years of her midwife practice.

book of born at home
Born at Home, Praise the Lord! This book contains more original birth stories and accompanying midwife notes compiled during the later years of Marianne’s midwife practice.  Solutions to birth related difficulties are clearly described. These stories are fun to read, and very encouraging for women who are getting ready for their own birth or a birth by someone they love.

book of handbook natural childbirth
Handbook for Christian Natural Childbirth. In this book Marianne passes on what God has taught her as a Christian Midwife over the years.  It is a comprehensive Christ-centered guide for everything moms and coaches need to know about pregnancy, birth and beyond -- whether you are planning a hospital, birth center or home birth.

Christian Childbirth, 2nd Edition. This book combines information and stories from the three books noted above. This comprehensive book contains birth stories written by Christians for Christians and provides information related to childbearing and beyond from a Christian perspective. The goals of this book are to encourage Christians to seek God in childbearing and to help them to know WHAT TO EXPECT FROM GOD WHEN EXPECTING.  Secular books cannot fill the longing of our souls and come short of the wisdom found only in the Word of God.  Parents need God when expecting because their, and their child's, eternal souls depend on Christ in them, "the hope of glory" Col. 1:27.

For more information about these books and how to purchase them, see the Books page on this web site. Stay updated on Marianne’s blog, Ask a Christian Midwife



“Behold children are a heritage for the LORD, the fruit of the womb is a reward” Psalm 127:3, NKJV.

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